TenCate Mirafi® FW-Series geotextiles are made of highly UV stabilized monofilament and multifilament yarns that possess unique physical and hydraulic properties not found in other woven or nonwoven geotextiles. With highly durable strengths, consistent pore sizes, high flow rates, and clog resistance, this product is perfect for shorelines and other erosion control applications. TenCate Mirafi® FW-Series geotextiles are used underneath rip rap or concrete revetment systems along inland waterways and coastal shorelines to protect spillways and cut-off drains

fff22257b939a7285fedd3cf35d4dc0b•  Engineered Filtration: Resists clogging while maintaining flow rates in high gradient and dynamic flow conditions

•  Unique Constructions: Manufactured with highly UV stabilized monofilament and multifilament fibers which provide highly uniform opening size (AOS) while maintaining high long-term flow rates

•  Durability: High survivability rating in aggressive installation and loading conditions along with excellent resistance to chemicals in aggressive environments

•  Three-Dimensional Fabrics: These three-dimensional fabrics are designed for good air flow and increase turbulence to improve filtration

•  Soil Interaction:  Superior soil confinement resulting in greater load distribution